According to the Steady State Theory, the universe is infinite in space and eternal in time and its characteristics are always the same; the universe was never born, never will die, has always existed and will exist forever without ever changing.

INFINITY MATERIALS. It is a collection of 50 abstract materials extracted from the creative mind of a human being, achieving infinite combinations, shapes and colors. Each material can be interpreted in different ways, it all depends on the person who observes it.

Have you ever wanted to see a dance?We have an experience for you that will take you to the heart of the art form, where it all happens.

If you have never been to a dance performance, this is your chance. You’ll be treated to a unique view of the dancers on stage as they perform their art with their bodies and souls.

It takes an intuitive mind and a transpersonal vision to experience multidimensional reality. You have to go through the comfort of the current life, disconnect from the outside and false information to go inward in meditation. Only thus can we access the electromagnetic network of the planet that connects us to the multiple realities that are within us.

Welcome to the Dreaming Dimensions, a universe of dreams and fantasy where imagination is the limit. Here, colors shine with intensity, shapes twist and stretch beyond the imaginable, and reality becomes uncertain. It is a world where magic and fantasy come to life and the laws of nature do not always apply. 

The “Simbiosis” collection is an impressive showcase of the union between digital art and traditional art,created through the fusion of abstract art and vibrant colors. Each piece in the collection is a masterpiece of creativity and technique, designed to inspire and excite the viewer.